She’s Electric!

It’s been a busy month here at BoxVn HQ. We quite literally can’t get our vans out on the road quickly enough! With 208 vans now on the road, we’ve successfully fulfilled contracts for major logistics players, including ACE and Greythorn Services among others – but demand is still far outstripping our ability to supply.


Black Friday, the busiest day of the year for couriers, delivery drivers and retailers across the world, this year saw around 30 million orders placed in the UK alone – 21 million of which were delivered to customers’ homes. Over the 4-day weekend, including Cyber Monday, customers were expected to spend £8.57bn, a 16.5% increase on last year. These two days of intense shopping can be the most challenging for logistics companies and we found ourselves in the enviable position of having to fight off large firms seeking supply of 100+ vans.


In the midst of all this retail craziness, we haven’t forgotten our commitment to developing the company’s sustainable and efficient solution strategy We’ve been test-driving the PHEV Transit, Ford’s new plug-in hybrid electric custom vans currently participating in a 12-month fleet trial in London. Ford’s PHEV boasts an advanced hybrid system targeting a zero emission range of 31 miles from full charge – more than enough for most city delivery rounds. If the operator needs to travel further in between charging stops, the award winning compact EcoBoost 1.0-litre petrol engine chips in to top the batteries up.  PHEV technology offers multiple benefits for city-based commercial vehicle operators. Not only does the technology enable quick and easy recharging from a standard electricity supply, the fuelefficient EcoBoost engine provides a total range of more than 300 miles – enough to eliminate any range anxiety. The PHEV also has an increased payload capacity compared to battery-only electric vehicles. Other major players we’re exploring on the electric commercial vehicle market are BYD, Yutong, Proterra, VDL and AB Volvo. Each offer an extensive range of products and have strong distribution networks worldwide.

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