Our Team

Meet the BoxVn team.

Our Team come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, and from all walks of life. From logistics veterans to tech geniuses they have one thing in common - they’re all on a mission to transform the world of commercial vehicle hire and beyond that logistics, for all involved.



The Chief

With over 20 years of international executive leadership experience, James is responsible for steering BoxVn into the future. To date, he has already been instrumental in transforming technology and operations for large financial services companies including Reuters, UBS AG and S&P Global.


The Sous Chief

Neil is responsible for the Company’s day to day operations, asset management, asset planning and analysis. A veteran of the logistics sector, Neil’s CV boasts leadership roles right across the logistics and vehicle supply ecosystem.

Neil Morris


Sales Superhero

Gary brings with him an extensive rolodex thanks to his many many years concentrated on business networking, business development and commercial account management. Gary’s led sales teams and commercial operations to success across Recruitment, Sports, Legal, Corporate, Construction and Retail. At BoxVn he takes care of our commercial accounts.


Operations Legend

Former COO of Cybersecurity startup, Internet Sciences and ex Director of Cyber Security for Deloitte, Rick has been nabbed by BoxVn to ensure the seamless implementation of systems and strategy. His 25 years organising military logistics and operations means that everything at BoxVn runs at full throttle.

Dan Hartley


Master of Fleet Management

Dan is the no-nonsense fleet logistics overseer taking charge of fleet management at BoxVn and, having managed lorry operations for 21 years, running DHL among others, there are no excuses for getting this wrong. A FORS practitioner, if you’ve dreamt it, Dan’s delivered it.. everything from Vaseline to aircraft wings!

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