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Revolutionising Commercial Vehicle Supply

The BoxVn Story

Conceived out of an eagerness to provide skilled and reliable drivers to the logistics biz, BoxVn began operations back in 2018 as a small recruitment firm. It wasn’t long however before our founders identified a need to level the playing field for drivers and their employers in the business of commercial vehicle hire. BoxVn quickly evolved into Driver and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) supply.


What should be the straightforward process of hiring a vehicle remains for many commercial drivers a complexity of overcharging, aggressive insurance excesses, prohibitive deposits and lack of transparency around terms and conditions. The BoxVn model is designed differently. High levels of customer service and forging positive experiences are at the heart of what we do.
Our one-stop service is simple, time efficient and cost effective. 

BoxVn further separates itself from the competition by providing both driver and vehicle, along with insurance cover for the driver and goods in transit. The service is so unique it has revolutionised the driver life cycle, providing a necessary and integral service to one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in the world. 

Revolutionary in more ways than one, as an emerging leader in the LCV segment, BoxVn recognises its responsibility to transition to low-carbon vehicles. The business has embarked on an in-depth Sustainability programme in a bid to become the UKs most responsible light commercial vehicle supply company and to further influence the ongoing debate around emissions. Our focus now is on developing our sustainable and efficient solution strategy to ensure compliance with ultra low emissions zones in London as well as the UK government’s air pollution targets. 

Work in Progress

This is just the start of the journey for BoxVn.

Although the overall ambition remains the same; to transform and upgrade for the people involved, the business of commercial vehicle supply and beyond that the end-to-end supply chain. 

The courier and express delivery market is expected to maintain double digit growth over the next 5 years and we’re ready for it. Management’s deep understanding of the courier and online shopping markets ensure we are able to consistently deliver for our partners at every level. 

What does the Future BoxVn Look like? 

Never one to be called a one trick pony, there’s plenty where that came from.. BoxVn are already rolling out driver payroll and compliance services to their logistics partners and are trialing their very own BoxVn logistics Co., covering the end-to-end supply chain.

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