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Commercial vehicle supply, driver recruitment, payroll, compliance services and end-to-end logistics solutions.

Commercial vehicle supply

A complete solution for logistics companies and commercial drivers.

BoxVn provides affordable, tailormade commercial vehicle supply with custom-built insurance policies included as standard.

Flexible - The solution you need for the duration you require

Covered - Comprehensive custom-built insurance cover included as standard. GIT, Hire & Reward, Public Liability or Self-drive Hire, whatever you need, we’ll cover it   

Sustainable - Actively on the hunt for the latest emission-reducing technology, our fleet includes a growing number of electric hybrid vehicles

Supported - Our core mission is to transform commercial vehicle supply providing a better user experience for both drivers and their logistics partners

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BoxVn carry out pre-rental inspection checks, a regular maintenance programme and full servicing to ensure all equipment supplied by us is in top condition and legal to be on the road.

Our drivers are supported with guidance around first use inspections, daily walkarounds and regular safety inspections.

Get in touch to find out more about how we care for our vehicles.

Driver recruitment

We know what makes a great career driver.

Our logistics partners can rest in the knowledge that any driver we supply comes equipped with a suitable and reliable delivery vehicle as well as all the necessary insurance cover. What’s more, our drivers have our ongoing support and assistance which takes the pressure off you. Drivers communicate their support needs with us via phone, text, email, WhatsApp, and will soon be able to  serve themselves via our evolving online knowledgebase.

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Payroll Services

We understand that running a business can be taxing at the best of times.

Our service provides you with peace of mind by preparing you in the eventuality of any HMRC scrutiny against your working relationship with your contractors. 

Some areas where we can support your drivers: 

  • Self Employment and (where applicable) VAT registration 
  • Submit quarterly VAT and annual self-employed tax returns
  • Liaise with and administer payments to HMRC
  • Raise invoices and advise on allowable expenses
  • Provide bilingual information - because our driver community is diverse and multilingual 

And where we can support you at HQ: 

  • Accounting services
  • Payment services
  • Insurance policies
  • Contractual agreements

Get in touch to learn more. 

Compliance Services

At BoxVn HQ we regularly conduct checks to ensure our drivers have the correct licences required, are sufficiently qualified and trained to operate vehicles safely. 

Through our robust partnerships, we are also able to offer more extensive audit and compliance services as may be required by your business.

End-to-end logistics services

At BoxVn we’re not just about the last mile! We are currently developing our end-to-end logistics service and can offer everything from inventory management, storage, pick, pack and distribution. 

Get in touch to discuss your logistics requirements. 

Our service is constantly evolving so keep an eye on this page for the latest service features as these are rolled out.


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