Our preparations for the BoxVn IPO

Here at BoxVn HQ we’ve barely had time to put away the Christmas decorations, as once again we’re within braking distance of yet another peak in business activity – March is set to be another very busy month! But before we get there…we’ve got some exciting news for you!


Innovative New Friends

Since our last update, we’ve been getting friendly with usage-based insurance provider Zego who recently hit the headlines for their innovative InsurTech solution providing payas-you-go cover for delivery drivers in the gig economy. Zego have since expanded their business model to bring a more transparent and cost-effective insurance approach to fleet and logistics operations – and BoxVn have agreed on a partnership. We should soon be seeing the benefits of Zego’s flexible, fairly priced and transparent policies.


Meanwhile, BoxVn partner Verizon Connect has been expanding its fleet management system Reveal to enable businesses like ours to harness the power of data from every individual vehicle/ asset owned. With the launch of Verizon’s new GPS tracking system, BoxVn HQ can now keep track of the real-time and historical location of its vehicles, monitor performance and usage levels, plan maintenance more efficiently and better mitigate the risk of theft.


Saving the best until last – Our Engagement to list!

Making this announcement gives us the greatest pleasure as we’ve already now signed heads of terms for reversal into a Shell company – in preparation for listing on an appropriate stock Exchange. This will provide shareholders with value in their portfolios, and an element of liquidity for those wishing to leave us – although of course we’d prefer you all to stay! Without wishing to detract, in any way, from the excitement of all of this, we have to point out that there is much work involved with this process and we have already begun that task. Assuming we don’t encounter any factors leading to delay, and in recognition of the huge body of work ahead, we envisage a Listing in the next quarter.

Benefits of Listing:

  • Liquidity: as we all know, a non-quoted share is not a liquid asset and is restricted in its ability to be realised, plus it is not eligible for many fund purposes e.g. SIPPS
  • The Listing will change all of that and make it possible to sell and buy shares via the Exchange, and allocate to funds previously excluded
  • A Listing will enhance our business profile and reach, bringing new investors to us, so adding value and aiding our expansion and general development
  • It will remove the past reliance on you shareholders and herald a fresh avenue for any new funding needed
  • Being a Publicly Quoted Security will open a host of new opportunities for us to consider and act on if necessary.

The Future as a Listed Company

A Listing is now vital for us in order to move forward and fulfil our capacity to grow at a pace suitable for the business, and to see the achievements manifested in our share price on the Exchange. It will, we believe, also enable us to strengthen our Management Team, bringing new skills and enterprise and imagination, driving us forward into new and exciting ventures and alliances. The more we drive the revenue, the higher the share price will be at the Listing, so we appreciate all of you that have invested in the recent round of fundraising, which allows us to market and sell our service; Thank you! If you decide, having read this Shareholder Update that you wish to add to your holding of shares, please just call the office and speak to someone who will make sure you receive a Share Subscription Form and, that way, secure your shares at the existing price.

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