And we’ve arrived!

Established around this time in 2018, BoxVn evolved from a small (but perfectly formed) recruitment firm to quickly become a driver and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) supply business responding to skills and labour shortages encountered by the logistics market.


Last year, the UK courier and express delivery market increased 12% to reach £12.6 billion, thereby completing growth of 62% since 2014. Over the next five years, the market for courier and express delivery is expected to maintain double-digit annual growth, rising 54% between 2019 and 2023.


At BoxVn, our core business is to answer this exponential growth with the supply of Light Commercial Vehicles to logistics businesses on a flexible and medium-term basis, allowing our customers to recruit drivers who are unable to a afford their own LCV. In this way, the Directors aim to buck the negative trend of “fees first” recruitment and – we have it on good authority – our modus operandi is revolutionising flexible LCV supply, addressing driver unemployment and improving the driver recruitment lifecycle. Beyond that we’ve got a fair bit planned and we’re currently focussed on developing and expanding the company’s sustainable and efficient solution strategy by acquiring electric vehicles to ensure compliance with Ultra Low Emissions Zones recently introduced in London as well as the UK government’s air pollution targets.

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