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Vehicle Supply


A complete solution

for logistics companies and commercial drivers

BoxVn provides affordable, tailormade commercial vehicle supply with custom-built insurance policies included as standard.

Designed to take the fight out

of commercial vehicle supply

BoxVn doesn't make money out of damages and insurance policies. That’s not what we’re about. Driver support is our focus and we’re here to help our Driver Partners deliver their best. 

The BoxVn experience

01     Driver Care

Our core mission is to transform commercial vehicle supply providing a better user experience for both drivers and their logistics partners. It’s in our ethos to protect, support, defend, ride shotgun for our driver partners, however you want to put it. We work tirelessly to ensure they feel supported, are enabled and informed to deliver at their best. 

The BoxVn experience begins with our driver welcome pack, jam-packed with data-driven advice to prepare a great commercial driver, helping them avoid common driver pitfalls.

02     Flexible

Say goodbye to Bronze, Silver and Gold. BoxVn provides you with the vehicle you need for the duration you require, not the closest match available. We understand that predefined packages are rarely the perfect solution, so at BoxVn we don’t bother with these at all. Let us know what you need and we’ll provide it.

03     Our Insurance. What is it? & Why do you need it?

Each BoxVn Vehicle comes complete with fully comprehensive custom-built insurance cover included as standard. Whether your need is Courier Goods In Transit (GIT), Hire and Reward, Public Liability or Self-drive Hire insurance; we have your back. 

Plainly speaking, Goods In Transit (GIT) is an insurance policy that provides a high level of cover for the contents of your van; customer goods, materials and cargo should they be lost, stolen or damaged in transit. 

Hire & Reward 
Hire and reward insurance allows you to legally deliver another party’s goods to customers in exchange for payment. Whether you are delivering parcels, or providing a service like home removals, you will need specialist hire and reward cover if you are receiving payment for these services.

Public Liability 
An insurance product for business owners, Public Liability Insurance protects you in the event that your business is sued by a customer or member of the public. Public liability insurance will cover the cost of your legal defence, plus any compensation or settlement money you need to pay out.

Self-drive Hire 
Offered by very few insurance companies, self-drive hire insurance is required whenever you want to lease a vehicle to a member of the public. 

04     Sustainable

Being clean and green is the aspiration at BoxVn and our team are committed to pursuing continuous improvements to the sustainability of the BoxVn fleet. We have a growing number of electric hybrid vehicles already available and each of our vans feature emission-reducing stop-start technology as well as AdBlue exhaust fluid. But we won’t stop there. We’re actively on the hunt for the latest advancements and are currently exploring biofuel as well as clean diesel technologies. Check our news section for the latest update.

And It’s Not Just Van Hire.

BoxVn are developing an end-to-end solution to the supply chain and currently offer:


Driver recruitment


Driver payroll


Compliance services


Car hire



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Become a Driver

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