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BoxVn is a market-leading service so unique that it has revolutionised driver life cycle, driver assistance and driver resources providing a dependant and integral service to one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in the world.

Our commercial background demonstrates our understanding of the courier and online shopping sectors and ensures we consistently deliver for our partners at every level.

As we continue to grow our network and internal resource our business continues to grow with our partners and ensures we remain one step ahead of our competitors.

target area

Online sales have soared over the past five years, from 11.6% of total market in 2012 to 28% in 2018 with predictions of continued growth and expectation of close to 90% of total market by 2030. Convenience is considered the most important factor, with next day delivery a market standard. Some online retailers are pushing same-day delivery in some areas.

Ensuring that any package is safely delivered to the consumer is the most important stage of any online purchase, therefore the retailer must rely upon a provider to deliver a reliable service that emphasises professionalism and success.

Our view is that your brand is our brand to protect and represent as we want ours to be.


the process



Our partners strict onboarding processes, training, indemnities and cost burdens make it very difficult for any driver to forge a career as a courier. Drivers simply cannot afford to work, in some situations fully qualified drivers looking for opportunity would need to purchase a van and wait up 6 weeks for a salary in return.

Whilst the up-front costs may not be a huge issue for some, there is a huge number that simply cannot afford this expense. A person’s financial status should not impact their ability to work or change their approach, BoxVn believe the retailer/distributor are missing out on a huge resource pool.

In addition to the financial aspect surrounding start-up and on-going costs there is a momentum factor which needs to be considered for. Each driver must complete an incredible amount of paperwork and walk through process, giving an inconvenient downtime period for that same candidate to entertain alternative offers elsewhere.


Our aim is to provide our partners with as many drivers with vans as they require. We work closely with our partner network and offer our unique packages to a variety of different partners ranging from regional retailers to multi-million-pound corporations.

Our on-boarding process matches the stringent onboarding process that our partners have and guarantees that whenever we receive a van instruction we supply meeting our partners exacting standards and requirement criteria.


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